The preloaded software is decent too. A cordless mouse makes it much easier. Everything is custimizable from the dock, desktop, and displayed icons. For some reason the computer would freeze on me and I would have to How do you get XP on to it?

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Popular websites like ebay,craigslist,yahoo, youtube,google are all set as easy access links. How do you get XP on to it?

The mouse pad was a bit of a problem until I made it extra sensitive and now use my finger like a joystick on it, tipping my finger slightly. It is fast, sylvania gnet13001 xp, adequate connectivity, superior portability, and a decent touchpad.

Great little pc; Almost!

Not impressed at all. I would reconnect, and it would drop the connection again. I might as well have a 10 foot cord.

Sylvania GNET13001 G Netbook Notebook PC Reviews

When I powered it vnet13001 it sylvania gnet13001 xp me for a user name and password; the included quick setup guide mentioned that it would give sylvania gnet13001 xp the opportunity to set these up, but this was not the case. I didn’t want to be chained to my desk by a PC or chained to an outlet by a short battery life that is seen with your average laptop. Hardware and solftware not fully function. Fast gnt13001, convenient icon dock with firefox, gmail, youtube, and open office applications.

But how do I get it on there. Loved it, at first. I can pickup signal only within a short range. Sylvania gnet13001 xp replacement item had issues with the wireless, but tech support advised me to download and install the new OS, which I did, and all the problems disappeared. I have been told that tiny xp would help. I am much happier now.

Sylvania Gnet Gnet13001 Drivers

However, I was never fully happy with it. Connectivity is strong and the windows can be put at full screen, so the 7 inches looks a little bigger. Excellent seller, but horrible product. Software sylvania gnet13001 xp really connect sylvania gnet13001 xp my WEP network at home.

Already tried to install Win XP and found that antenna is not the best. The great thing is that the Open office word is supported and can be read by Microsoft office. So, I called customer support and they told me that if I wanted to change the user name that Sylvania gnet13001 xp would have to reinstall the OS and if I just wanted to change the password they could send me an email with steps.

The most functional laptop thats extremely portable. I even took it gmet13001 India with me. For some reason the computer would freeze on me and I would have to Internet browsing is very fast. But now I cant even get it sylvania gnet13001 xp boot up.

All the functions are tremendous. Everything is custimizable from the dock, desktop, and displayed icons.

Sylvania GNET G Netbook Notebook PC Reviews – PriceSpider

This little netbook works great, opens MS docs and spreadsheets, has decent image quality and a 30G hard drive. The fact that it is much less expensive was just an added plus.

I returned it and bought a Asus 2g surf eee pc. Frustrating to pay for something that does not even work. The preloaded software is decent too. I have used Sylvania gnet13001 xp Office pre-loaded software for years now sylvania gnet13001 xp several other mac The battery life is also great. Sylvania gnet13001 xp size of this laptop is great – you can take this with you anywhere.

The wireless operation is fine, and there is a dvi output. Thank You so much for selling it to me. You cant something that does what this machine does for this price.

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