Maybe it will work this way? Hello, Is it easy to unsolder the old DC Jack from the wire harness? I refused their service and brought a mother board from ebay. Safe mode, as well as other modes, will not fix problem. In step 3 you can disconnect the ribbon cable at the bezel if you like which some may find easier to get to. Someone here posted the lid connector made need cleaning or the backlight inverter. When Windows starts, I can see the screen only if I shine a light at it, artificially backlighting it.

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How to disassemble Sony Vaio PCG-K

Then, while pcg-5kf XP screen is on, Video is viewable on external monitor only, as laptop backlight turns off. It looks to be in fairly decent shape with no signs of damage to the shell. I just have to remove the screws labeled 1, 2, and 3 to remove sony vaio laptop pcg-5kfp heat sink?

Try cleaning the heatsink and maybe reapply thermal grease between the heatsink and CPU. The computer will fire up and show a screen for a second and then it flashes another screen which I do not have time to read and then just shuts down. I saw in a earlier post that removing the fan only involves removing the 3 screws on the heatsink. Mine is the Sony vaio laptop pcg-5kfp which makes me wonder about the differences, I just bought a new motherboard off eBay because this system is notorious for overheating and burning out and mine did just that, the power jack and adapter are FINE, the motherboard is now a doorstop so I am further disassembling mine at present, but I am not sure how to avert disaster with a new board in place and the same threat lurking.

If your keyboard goes bad, you replace it with a new sony vaio laptop pcg-5kfp. I refused their service and brought a mother board from sony vaio laptop pcg-5kfp.

Sometimes the image comes ok, but appears this component is gone. Thanks for sony vaio laptop pcg-5kfp the information. I took out and cleaned my fan assy. Do I need to remove the display and strip across the top the reveal other screws? Why did you ocg-5kfp the hard drive? I guess that the cable I severed was also distributing power to the DVD drive. Everytime I sony vaio laptop pcg-5kfp to turn my computer on again, it makes a very nasty sound near the dvd-rom and hard drive.

How to disassemble Sony Vaio PCG-K – Inside my laptop

Ok after taking it apart and putting it back together I now have life within the beast. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I was wondering if someone could recommend what upgrades can I perform on my laptop.

I reseated the new CPU several times. Will stay on fine in bios sony vaio laptop pcg-5kfp, pct-5kfp took an hour to reinstall oper. Lapto; can see it in the step 9, on the left side from the cooling fan.

Sony vaio laptop pcg-5kfp step by step guide! As lost resort, I removed the CPU and installed it in a pentium-4 MSI board, and it latpop just fine, so I believe the motherboard or the power board are broken. My compliments for the disassemble guide! I have now replaced it and the computer starts up and works fine except for the video.

Maybe you could also tell me where to buy a replacement cable. BIOS display is fine.

Instead of unsoldering the wire to the jack…I just ripped it out of the old jack. I replaced the power jack and laptoop on a PCG-K45 today, and without your help, it literally would not have been possible. NOW my question is should I replace the sony vaio laptop pcg-5kfp with a It will clean it temporarily and should be enough for installing the OS. After the connector is unlocked, you can pull the cable and remove the keyboard be.

Thanks for the detailed directions for breakdown. I sony vaio laptop pcg-5kfp that the only one that was not properly seated was the memory stick cable. I got some troubles with the screen.

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