This is another internal reference but not displayed on the CTR or in transaction detail. To enable soft descriptors, follow these steps: To create a Recurring Plan by uploading file, follow these steps: All transactions returned can be viewed in the same default manner however, if there is Level II or Level III data associated with the transaction you are presented with a rich set of output. A user’s permitted transaction types are also used for Recurring Plans. Deposits Reports The summary report will be the first screen displayed when this report is selected and will allow you to view deposits categorized by terminal. The Bank Response Message also appears here.

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Enter a new alphanumeric password in the fields indicated. To process TeleCheck transactions in POS, a separate form is accessed by clicking the “Check” tab see below screenshot.

Recurring Permissions Access to Recurring is enabled for the Merchant Posiflex pp8000 usb, but is disabled by default poeiflex all others.

Real-time Payment Manager (RPM) User Guide – Payeezy Knowledge Base

Cut-off times determine when a batch is closed. After you swipe the card, the card holder information will populate. Use ‘Advanced Search’ for additional search options. Retail transactions may also be manually entered but will not qualify posiflex pp8000 usb the best interchange.

To run a swiped transaction from RPM, follow these steps: To setup for Hosted Checkout, follow these steps: To create a Recurring Plan by uploading file, follow these steps: If you are unsure of the batch closing times please contact First Data. Separate numerals posiflex pp8000 usb require a space between them. In some scenarios it can be useful to edit the reference number and pl8000 reference associated with a transaction.

Activity represents all transactions, failed and approved.

poisflex In order to successfully process transactions with Level 2 and Level 3 data, AVS needs to be enabled in order to capture the required address data. Note that PayPal pre-authorizations will expire in 29 days if they posiflex pp8000 usb not completed.

Refunds and voids can be performed against these transactions. Maximum Duplicates — The amount of duplicate transactions that are allowed in the time frame.

A box will expand out with the amount to be posiflex pp8000 usb pre-populated in the Amount box.

This new thermal receipt printer offers high speed, high resolution printing at a competitive cost. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Overview of the Sections within RPM 5. Positlex to each transaction posiflex pp8000 usb may be a transaction icon. To adjust the cut-off time, follow these steps: A CTR receipt will appear if the void has been approved. There are 5 different reports in the Reports Section. ValueLink transactions can be interacted with in the posiflex pp8000 usb way as regular credit card transactions, though some additional transaction types specific to this card type may appear posiflex pp8000 usb the transaction list.

When the transaction has been authorized you will receive a Ussb response.

Typically, the reference number field is the purchase order number or unique sequence value associated to a given transaction. Additional Data – Soft Descriptor Fields.

PP8000 Aura Thermal Receipt Printer Series

Duplicate Time Minutes — The time frame within which two or more duplicates are allowed to be detected. Depending on your browser settings you will either be prompted to Save the file to a location or Open it directly. Click on a transaction line item to expand its details. The new user will be prompted to change their password on their initial posifldx.

posiflex pp8000 usb

Enter the authorization number from the Pre-Authorization transaction in this box. The required format for a CSV file can be found here. This checks cardholder addresses against records at the credit card companies posiflex pp8000 usb rates the level of match, depending on how you setup your AVS filters.

Using a USB swipe device or card reader in the POS does not necessitate any software installation other than the device drivers, which are typically installed automatically. Velocity Controls are a risk management tool and not a fraud prevention posiflex pp8000 usb.

Timeouts You will be posiflex pp8000 usb logged out of RPM after 15 minutes of inactivity and will need to log in again.

A separate transaction record for the void will now be listed if you search the card again. On the 3rd failed attempt, the session ends and you are locked out of your account. The following settings will only need to be posiflex pp8000 usb once and they will allow the receipt to print properly. If the master TransArmor token needs to be modified, this can be done by clicking “Administration”, then “Terminals”, then by clicking on the appropriate terminal name.

Visa Checkout should first posiflex pp8000 usb provisioned by calling the Payeezy Gateway Technical Support at Search for transactions If you have more than one account, select the account in the Merchant Account dropdown. Each of these icons indicates an action that can be taken, or if an action has occurred.

Real-time Payment Manager (RPM) User Guide

To see the status of a blocked transaction, go to the Transaction Search and highlight the declined transaction and click on the Decline Reason. Posiflex pp8000 usb there is an issue with any data within the file this will be indicated by an error message flagging the “problem” transaction and its posiflex pp8000 usb number.

Refunds, Voids and Pre-authorization Completions can be conducted from this area. If you enter your password posiflfx more than 3 times you will be automatically locked out of your account.

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