Heinz Wanke, South Africa. Vince Barnes, Jupitermedia www. No more searching for and testing other cyber cafe softwares. More answers Search TrueCafe. Distribute tickets among your agents or employees.

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Nconputing the best feature is your support team — x30, accurate, listens to each problem and works with your customers to resolve any ncomputing x300. X30 a little note to let you know that I have successfully delivered Version 1. I’m evaluating ncomputing x300 product since I want to create a cyber cafe and let me tell you that your product is simply A-W-E-S-O-M-E, I’ve never seen a product as rich of features as yours Your application is teriffic and your support is really amazing!

After browsing Ncomputing x300 for hours and spending nights testing different software for internet cafe management, I came to TrueCafe. The forum is very active and support provided by the TrueCafe Team is awesome.

It was extremely easy to setup and is very user friendly. TrueCafe does great reporting and is easy for our employees to learn. Send text messages to all terminals.

Prisjakt – Kunnskap før kjøp

Keep track of ncomputing x300 Internet websites and pages ncoputing a customer opens on your cyber cafe terminal. I really tried a lot of them and none of them could ncomputing x300 easily solve the print charging. I have to say I have been using a lot of trial software in my Internet cafe, but Ncomputing x300 is the best one.

Shutdown an idle terminal automatically after hcomputing few minutes of inactivity. Thin clients NComputing, Terminal Server, etc. Thank you for working so fast!

Believe me, I have spent many a hours and ncomputing x300 nights downloading demo versions with testing after test and this is the first Internet cafe ncomputing x300 that bcomputing out from the beginning.

Turn on a terminal remotely before starting a customer session. I like the easy you your software does things. Thanks for a great product. I have used a lot of cyber cafe software before i finally decided to purhcase truecafe ncomputing x300 i love it. Control volume on a terminal, mute the sound.

Customize login and info pages. Ncomputing x300 setup is bedding down now and we have even mastered individual profiles for each ‘bank of computers’ so we can burn CD’s from within Tuecafe.

November 19, Game consoles: Keep track of a ticket status: I will make sure to use only Truecafe for our control. I have been searching for Ncomputing x300 cafe sofware for nComputing xtenda x for more than a month.

August 21, Client blinking bug fixed. Web Reports Analyze your business data in your web browser.

It is the easiest, most flexible, most stable and most complete cyber cafe ncomputing x300 on the planet. Charles Masunungure, Tyneside Cybercafe, Zimbabwe. July 13, Version 7.

We ncomputing x300 to train and familierise our clients’ operators to use the application in no time at all. You pay only once for a 3×00 and get free upgrades.

Internet Cafe Software

Design your own receipt with ncomputing x300 cyber cafe’s logo on it. Thank you for giving good customer care! I’m happy to say your solution worked for me and I’m happily using the evaluation copy of ncomputing x300 software now.

ncomputing x300 The application we were using did not have many of the features you offer — like support for NComputing systems, the ability to set up multiple pricing schedules, Wi-Fi hotspot support and tracking where ncomputing x300 went by URL and web page. I am really really happy with this software so far.

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