LK is a technology writer for Tech Journey with background of system and network administrator. Look for the folders Luis mentioned: Worked like a charm! The ear piece fits nicely on my ear. Im a computer retard and tho this took me a few hours to figure out I eventually got it! Thanx 4 the solution!

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Oh, wait, it’s because it’s 64bit Vista. Been looking for a file. Thanks It works in my Vista. You May Also Interested In: I didn’t know you had to search for the exe-file itself. Windows xamera SP2 with all updates, so I suuppose also some system driver has incorrect version too new? Well, I fixed Vista Service Pack 1 logitech pc camera v-uas14, it took me a couple of hours but now I have confirmed workaround works properly.

Did this step by step.

Well, webcam saver at least. I have tried a lot of reinstalls and hacks without any success, please, in case someone fix it, share the solution.

I sent my disagree about your mater before, beause I did a Little confusion, I was facing that you’re talking about windows 7 RTM. How the hell other ppl did this under vista is beyond me. I need to know which exact file is the windows XP driver so i can target if from v-uss14 device manager since vista doesn’t feel like playing nice. Llgitech Next and then follow the on-screen logitech pc camera v-uas14.

But I’m having problems with my sound. This helped me, so thanks! I experienced some problems and had to had Vista reinstalled today. logitech pc camera v-uas14

Driver logitech webcam messenger [Résolu]

I hope there is no more drama with my vista. Merci, thank you really much. Select choose where logitech pc camera v-uas14 look for drivers and click on the folder where the drivers were unpack before.

I have Vista Home and my logitech quickcam chat webcam works great with it.

Trick to Use Logitech QuickCam Messenger in Windows Vista

Restart the logitech pc camera v-uas14 and now logitch video and audio should work properly. Here is the download site from Logitech for the old driver: I have downloaded all the drivers found on logitech’s ftp server, but no one make me a deal. Thanks so much for this. Muchas Gracias from Colombia Thanks so much, I believed i had to buy a camera, but now i dont have to!!! I cannot seem to get the frame rate all the way up to 30 fps, but that may be due to my computer and my connection.

Hi Brilliant worked first time. Thanks for the great advice. Provide your administrator password, if needed, and logitech pc camera v-uas14 click Continue. Ok I tried to download vv-uas14 8.

Anyone else experience this? It actually does better with my wife’s face. Let me know if not — I’ll check this logitch a for a few days. In the System window, select Device Manager from the Tasks pane.

The following hack will use Windows XP driver a common trick to use non Vista compliant device to install the webcam in Logitech pc camera v-uas14. Lot of Thanks any way!!!!! I have been trying for day’s to get my cam working with Vista but nothing. Diferent is only view in the devcie manager — 1, 2 or 3 devices with yellow question mark.

Logitech QuickCam video driver should logitech pc camera v-uas14 normally but the audio driver will say that “the device can not be started” even though the driver is installed as “Logitech Audio Messenger.

I have one question, it’s working with x64? Hi, I have tried the steps that you’ve described and when i chose the location of the drivers it logitech pc camera v-uas14 me that the computer did not found the drivers although i did everything as you wrote.

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